Sandback’s Drum Tables Make Waves

Set amongst the who’s who at the 30th International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, Peter Sandback wowed and wooed industry peers along with top interior designers and architects with the launch of his new drum table line. Minimalistic in design, but precise in hand craftsmanship and fine detail, the Sandback originals were a hit.

Attendees drawn to the bright colors, pastels and customizable elements—such his signature nail inlays—celebrated the work’s innovative versatility and style. Sandback’s growing success at ICFF since 1999 brings great inspiration for more to come.

Rave Reviews From ICFF

Unlock the Versatility of the Drum Table: Stack, Pair or Stand Alone

  • Plain - Bleached Ash - Gentle Blush/White/Harbor Gray Drums
  • Plain - Walnut Burl - Symphony Blue Drum
  • Inlay - Black Oak - Floral Pattern - White Drum
  • Plain - Walnut Burl - Gentle Blush Drums

Inspiration. Conception…Art

True to the catalog of Peter’s work, he is heavy on every part of the craftsman and artisan process. Having carefully resourced top materials in the country for his pieces, his most recognized nail pattern inlays can remain focal.

Inspired by the patterns of the traditional Japanese art of Katagami (型紙), the craft of making paper stencils for dyeing textiles, Peter often explores patterns from books or antique fabrics found. As seen in his final pieces, these patterns can both be awesome and expansive—truly an eye’s muse.

Once choosing a particular pattern, Peter enlarges the image, applies it to the wood top and drill holes in preparation for the nails. Each nail is meticulously dipped in glue and placed in its individual hole, often needing a tap. They will then get clipped by hand, prior to the first sanding.

Lead to deliver these evocative patterns in a more everyday and everyplace piece, the Sandback drum table was created. And for this reason his work cunningly stands at the top of his field not only in quality and durability, but moreover timeless style.

“Art is the illusion of spontaneity.” -Japanese Proverb

Design Your Own

Share in the inspiration. You can now join Peter in making your own custom pieces by designing your own Sandback Drum Table on his new website.

Start by choosing the type of wood you would like for the top, what inlay if you would like one, its size and then color. 12 hand picked colors are readily available or custom colors are available for a one time fee. Pick up your brush and color your world with Sandback originals.